About Us - Khaas company for Khaas people
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About Us

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime.”

The motive behind the establishment of KHAAS is to uplift and provide confidence to a deprived community. The ideology is to provide livelihood rather than donations and help the community to find a permanent solution. Many rehabilitation support initiatives by NGO’s focus on social and psychological rehabilitation of the victims. There are very few who provide them opportunities to earn a dignified livelihood, every day an idea of establishing an NGO is born and perhaps every week an NGO starts their noble work; but our focus should not be to provide them help in the form of donations. We need to fuel them with real life opportunities and entrust them with our confidence. KHAAS believes in this ideology of training their employees to stand up for themselves and build a living for themselves on their own.

Our Vision

India is known as the largest home for Blind, our vision is to modify this title and make India the largest home for Independent, Working and Confident Blind Individuals. We have set a goal of providing employment to 1500 Blind individuals by 2020. KHAAS wants to set an example and inspire people and other corporate firms to provide the deprived or disabled communitya chance to work. It wants to help the community move up the growth ladder on their own by giving them the opportunity to live and work with the mainstream society.
Another vision which KHAAS holds is to establish micro ventures in as many places and states as possible. The most common problem faced by the people is the distance travelling to reach their office. KHAAS wants to help them by providing them workplaces in their locations by opening up micro ventures to facilitate their travelling process and at the same time provide them with employment.

Our Mission

Khaas’ mission is to expand its venture further to the other States. Due to frequent queries and Public demand to set up a Khaas branch to their nearby areas, khaas has planned to open a new micro-venture in every part of India. As our vision evolves around the concept of “Largest Home of Blind – India”, Khaas further wants to expand its network in order to make India – the “Largest Home of Independent Blind.” Our mission just as our vision is absolutely KHAAS.