Khaas Uphar - Khaas company for Khaas people
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Khaas Uphar

KHAAS UPHAR -Imagine not being able to see your parents, siblings, or friends. You would be cut off from a major part of the world without your sight. Having to do everyday tasks would be harder than ever. You would have to learn how to cope and adjust. Each day would be a challenge that you would have to overcome. Being blind can cause extreme emotional damage, restrict your life in many ways, but can also prevent you from seeing all the tragedy in our world.

Darkness… hesitancy… vulnerability… obfuscation. These were the feelings that overwhelmed me as I voluntarily discarded my most valued sense – Sight for a day

This above experience and feelings of Akash Bhardwaj moved him towards an appreciation of the human, inviolate and undiminished, extricated from the disability; a human, whose biggest impediment is not the frailty of his/her body or the hostility of the physical world, but the failure of his/her fellow human being to recognize him/ her as one and the same.

With deep emotions and strong determination Akash Bhardwaj, initiated a unique concept KHAAS UPHAAR for visually impaired girls, where these ‘already challenged’ girls are motivated to take newer challenges head-on that people, society and life throw at them day in day out. Under the concept, these KHAAS Girls are trained to create something meaningful as well as remunerative to help them become independent economically.

Under the project KHAAS UPHAAR, these visually impaired girls make gifts with the help of their hearts, souls and feelings & as their eyes hence each creation as gift of this project is priceless but with a huge value attached to each gift. Value of emotions of the blinds and respect for emotions by the privileged people like me and you who can see!  these visually impaired girls make gifts with the help of some sighted person.

KHAAS invite those life sensitive individuals, who value the ‘sight’ to buy these products at the first glance. Your support will bring livelihood to these visually impaired girls who are trying for life with dignity.
Our attractive offers like tour packages, home appliances etc make it more meaningful for you to support the underlying cause and enjoy at the same time.


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